A Philippine Ancient | Vigan (1)

The moment I set foot on those cobbled flooring and set eyes on everything seemingly ruined, shabby, and cobwebbed, I knew I was in the country's most preserved Spanish heritage, Vigan. I guess this is the only place in the country that'll make any Filipino live back the Spanish colonial period and reflect on how our ancestors sustained the place from generation to generation. Quaint and attractive---and yes, so pretty :P

Stopover | Paoay

Probably, for a local traveler who knows his country better than any outsider, the return of a lost item left somewhere in an unfamiliar town is quite unlikely. This was not the case when we dropped by the beautiful St. Augustine Church in Paoay to see for ourselves how it's different from the hundreds of Roman Catholic churches we've seen, and why it is labeled as "Earthquake Baroque" by architecture. At the outset of the stopover, I thought I would just get to see a UNESCO world heritage. Never did I think about meeting a guy who would make amends of my carelessness and help me realize how warmhearted Ilocanos are with just that one act of kindness and integrity.